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Our Team

Alexis Thompson

Owner and Principal Broker


After ten years helping local businesses and governments throughout Virginia grow and invest in their futures, Alexis decided to seek out her own business dreams. Beginning at One South Realty Group, Alexis quickly grew her business to become one of the top producing agents, and after three years decided through deep, long consultation with her husband, to strike it out on her own and establish River Fox Realty. She wanted to go back to what drew her into helping local businesses in the first place- community. Nothing says community like homes and helping people find and sell those homes goes right to the heart of our communities. To further the pursuit, Alexis decided to locate River Fox Realty as close as possible to her own community, the Forest Hill and Westover Hills neighborhoods, setting up a dream world where she can live and work while her children attend school right next door.

Michelle Barbosa

Licensed Agent


Michelle grew up in a military family and as such moved every one to two years. She knows a thing or two about the experience of moving from home to home. This background led her to study marriage counseling at VCU and after she graduated she purchased her own first home in the Barton Heights neighborhood. From there she realized her background in counseling and housing transitions would serve her well in the area of real estate sales. Michelle takes pride in her abilities to relate to clients and understand their needs when they are going through the home buying and selling processes. She believes empowering her clients with the best information and guidance leads to the ultimate successes and memorable experiences.

Cassie Proffitt

Team Coordinator, Licensed Agent


Cassie comes to real estate with a background in education. She taught high school English, middle school theater, and worked as the Director of After School for the Goddard School. Though she adored children, she felt compelled to try something new and different. The patience and multi-faceted skills she developed as an educator serve her best assets as a real estate professional. Nobody is more organized and professional than Cassie, especially when transactions become their most hectic. To further her love of learning and pursuit of skill diversification, Cassie is also pursuing a degree in Library Science from the University of Alabama.

Anousheh Khalili

Licensed Agent


Anousheh moved to Richmond in 2001 to attend VCU Arts, instantly becoming smitten with the City’s diverse, thriving arts and music culture.  She has since worked as a musician, traveling across the country and around the world but always returning to the place she loves most- Richmond. She has lived in the Fan, Church Hill, Oregon Hill and Westover Hills, neighborhoods that feature one of her other passions- historical architecture. Like other River Fox agents, Anousheh comes to real estate with a unique working background. She and her husband founded and operate Triple Stamp Press, located in Manchester where they also live with their three cats and baby boy.

Joe Cafarella

Licensed Agent


Joe embodies the consummate Richmonder, attending Benedictine and owning Ms. Babs Day Nursery for the past fifteen years, located on Grove Avenue. And it was in his love of people and helping them across all levels that he discovered a passion for real estate. He has purchased and sold multiple homes and investment properties in Richmond and helped countless families in their pursuit of the ideal neighborhoods. Not only does Joe own a day nursery and work full-time as a real estate agent, somewhere in there he finds time to be the utmost family man alongside his loving wife and four daughters.

Kim Williams

Licensed Agent


Kim has lived in Chesterfield County for nearly a decade. As a mother of two young children and an active member of the community and schools, she offers the ideal perspective for finding families their dream homes while maximizing lifestyle and work/home balance. Her multiple years and experience in real estate give her the opportunity to specialize in new construction and transition re-sales. But above all, she loves working with new members of the community, sharing what she already knows and believes- that Richmond and its surrounding neighborhoods offer every and anything a person might need or want when searching for their next home.

Willy Thompson

Co-Founder and Business Manager


For over ten years, Willy worked as a city planner for localities throughout Virginia, and though it’s a career he still occupies as a planning and development consultant, he also felt drawn to help build something new, something from the ground up. In 2017, Willy and Alexis decided to turn their dreams and ideas into reality and founded River Fox Realty. As a part of River Fox, Willy mostly handles the business side of operations but he never hesitates to help out where he can, even if that means hauling trash from a vacant home or digging out crawl spaces.

Harris Lazarus

Licensed Agent


Harris grew up in the West End, later attending Virginia Commonwealth University to study business and entrepreneurship. After a short relocation outside of Richmond, Harris found himself missing the River City immensely; so he returned home (along with his small army of cats, dogs, and horses) to pursue a dream of working within real estate. Having resided in many different environments locally and internationally, he understands the quirks of living in different dynamic settings and appreciates each person’s unique housing needs. With an extensive background in customer relations and his love for helping people, Harris believes home buyers and sellers deserve exemplary service, dedication, and unparalleled commitment.

Tonia Coker

Licensed Agent


Coming from large a blended family (eight siblings!), Tonia understood early on how to make a house a home – and also understands that loud and messy can also mean full of love and fun. With her dad in construction, her first jobs as a young adult involved swinging hammers and painting walls. After building a career in education, she knew that her creativity could be put to use teaching clients how to navigate buying, selling and renovating their homes. When not hosting open houses and helping clients, Tonia is an avid world traveler and gym junkie. You’ll never find someone with more energy and dedication than Tonia.

Angie Cooper

Licensed Agent


To say Angie loves Richmond, Virginia is an understatement. From her formative years immersed in the city’s vibrant music scene to her career as a Producer at the Martin Agency and related film and advertising ventures, Angie has walked a road that is authentically Richmond. A road that now takes her to her true love: real estate. Angie has lived in the Fan, Fulton Hill, and now in the Magic Woods with her partner, two dogs, a sassy cat, and the occasional foster child. She is committed to this city, and she’ll be committed to you.

Amanda James

Licensed Agent


Amanda’s background shines for its diversity and spirit. With her creativity, passion for health, and the ability to thrive in pressurized environments, Amanda was led to the culinary arts, where she trained in some of Richmond’s most renowned restaurants and operated her own successful catering company. Following the birth of her daughter, Amanda discovered a new passion: education, where she provided support to students with varying developmental and emotional needs. Amanda now brings her enthusiasm and abilities to real estate, where she provides the utmost in care and guidance to clients as they grow, downsize, relocate, or add to their real estate portfolios. Amanda, her husband, two kids and two cats live in the amazing Woodland Heights neighborhood and spend any minute they can exploring their “backyard” trails along the beautiful James River.

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