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We are a small, elite group of agents - those with experience and new agents who are ultra ambitious and who are already accomplished professionals. This has enabled River Fox to create a well-recognized brand of high producers, caring professionals, and creative individuals who give back to their community.



Our office is our second home. As a River Fox agent, you can utilize the office for all of your needs.

  • Available for private meetings and client meetings or workshops
  • Annual Client Appreciation Events
  • Monday Team Meetings and Discussion Groups
  • 24 hour access
  • Coded and secure
  • Animal friendly


We don’t just provide the basics. We strive to make sure each agent feels supported and inspired; that they have every tool at their disposal to make their business unique and successful.

  • Access to transaction software management tools
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Team building get-togethers
  • Shared vendor database
  • Fox swag
  • Transaction Coordinator support
  • Consistent and Comprehensive skill shops and agent training
  • Business coaching
  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Background checking service for cold callers




Interested in joining us? Submit your information here and we will reach out.
Because we are a small collaborative group, person-fit is crucial to the amazing community of agents we have grown at River Fox and it’s important that you feel that we are the right fit for you! We want to meet you in person, but this intake form will also help us learn more about you so we can have a productive meeting. We appreciate you spending a little time to tell us more about yourself!


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