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COVID-19 Resources

Buyer Resources: For Pressing Pause

No pressure, ever. We’ve gathered some resources so you can plan during this time so you’re not stressed out in future endeavors.

Buyers: Moving Forward


If I choose to look for homes with River Fox, how are agents conducting showings?

First, agents will set you up on an MLS portal. This will give you access to listings based on the criteria you provide as soon as it hits the market. If you are uncomfortable with going through homes, we are happy to conduct a video tour. Agents comply with CDC guidelines when touring a home with clients.

How do transactions differ in this current crisis?

The general terms of the CVRMLS Contract (the contract all realtors use in Central Virginia) remain the same; however, you may notice some additional addenda for the purposes of adapting to the COVID-19 crisis. Your agent will make these available to you. As always, our transaction documents are available to be signed online, so no need to meet in person to discuss documents. River Fox agents are also up-to-date on virtual spaces to conduct transaction discussions and can screen share contract documents to discuss any concerns you may have with your ongoing deal.

Do we have to go to our closing in person?

Not necessarily. Most attorneys we’ve used have the ability to overnight documents for signatures you can provide to an e-notary. If in the event you have to go to your closing, there will inevitably be minimal staff – and we are happy to celebrate with you to make sure the finish line is just as sweet.

Selling During Quarantine


What listing prep resources does River Fox provide?

We have developed deep relationships with our favorite stagers, photographers, and minimalists who are all happy to virtually meet with you to devise plans for how to layout your home before you go live.

How does River Fox conduct virtual showings/tours?

We provide video tours free of charge to our clients if desired. These can be pre-recorded; however, we have received great feedback from “Facebook Live Open House” tours, where agents can show your home and receive live commentary from interested buyers.

This is going to be too much for me. With everything going on, how am I supposed to sell my home?

It may not be the right time for you – and we understand that. But if selling is the way to go for you, we’re here. The biggest thing we take to heart is helping our clients. When you work with a River Fox agent, you not only gain access to all of our resources on hand- you get a new family. No task is too small or menial for us. When you hire one River Fox agent, you hire them all. We’ll watch your fur babies. Do a trash run. Help you find affordable moving companies. Don’t be afraid to ask.


 ***Disclaimer: All information is deemed accurate as of April 2020. Because the nature of information is dependent on daily circumstances, we cannot guarantee the accuracy moving forward – however, we will make it our best effort to make this information valuable even as things change. For the most updated information and assistance, follow us on Facebook,  and visit the National Association of Realtors website.***

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